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Dual Power Automatic transfer switch ATS 2P 63A 220V


The FASTEST 2 Pole Automatic Transfer on the market with transfer times below:
– Contact transfer time: <50ms
– Operating transfer time: <50ms
– Return transfer time: <50ms
– Off-time: <50ms

With Industrial silver contacts that vastly improves conductive performance and Life.
*** Will NOT work on Victron Phoenix inverter please use This ATS switch for Victron Phoenix
We are the largest manufactures & importers of high quality ATS’s in SA. When buying an ATS, make sure it’s supposed to do what it says. Be careful what you buy on some online shops – it may not be safe or long lasting and end in tears.
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Automatic Transfer Switch – ATS Switch

With Industrial silver contacts that vastly improves conductive performance.
 Use an Automatic Transfer Switch to simply your life when Eskom Grid goes down. Power outages are an inconvenience and a disruption to the daily functioning of homes and businesses. Backup generators have become a necessity throughout South Africa due to the inconsistent supply of power from our utility company. Home and business owners who operate generators will understand the functional importance of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS switch).

BexaCom supply high-quality Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) which are installed in a system where the mains are connected to a generator or backup battery and there is a transfer of power loads. ATS switches are a critical component of any emergency or backup power system.

ATS Switches s are electrical switches that switch a load between two sources (mains to back up generator). Apart from transferring loads to the generator, ATSs also command the backup generator to start automatically. The transfer process begins once the power cuts. The ATS will detect that the generator is ready to provide electric power and then connect to the backup generator to the business or home’s main power unit. The automatic transfer unit is an important element of the emergency power system.

There are four basic types of automatic transfer switches to choose from:

Open transition

The most common type of the four switches, also known as the break-before-make switch. The load is interrupted during transmission from the main power unit to the emergency source.

Closed transition

This transfer switch is ideal for operational conditions where it is desirable to transfer loads with no interruption of power experienced. It is also known as the make-before-break transfer switch.

Delayed transition (Soft loading)

Allows magnetic fields to completely collapse before reconnection and is best suited for large inductive loads resulting in large inrush currents.

Static transfer switch (Solid state)

This type of switch relies on power semiconductors such as silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to transfer a load. Static transfer switches can be used where a reliable and independent second power source is available. Even with a technical break in load current the speed of the units prevents negative effects to sensitive equipment.

Properly installed and maintained electrical system components such as automatic transfer switches are cost effective and prevent damage to sensitive equipment in the instance of a power cut. These switches will also ensure that your power load is automatically transferred without manual input. This feature is a convenient addition to your backup power system.

Our aim at BexaCom is to deliver high-quality switches and sensors at reasonable prices while meeting our clients’ specific requirements.

There are more wiring / configurations available for the ATS switch. Please contact us for this information.


– Rated current: 63A
– Insulation voltage: AC 690V
– Rated voltage: AC 400V
– Use category: AC-33iB
– Pole: 2P
– Weight(kg): 0.62
– Life: Electrical: 2000 times, Mechanical:5000 times
– Rated conditional short-circuit current: 50kA
– SCPD (fuse): RT16-00-100A
– Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8kV
– Control circuit: Rated control voltage Us: AC220V,50Hz Correct working condition 85%Us~110%Us
– Auxiliary Circuit: AC220V/AC110V 50/60Hz
– Contact transfer time: <50ms
– Operating transfer time: <50ms
– Return transfer time: <50ms
– Off-time: <50ms
– Temperature range: -5C~+40°C, average temperature not more than 35℃ in 24 hours

Make use of an energy meter to monitor and record your energy usage https://bexacom.co.za/shop/electricity-energy-meter/

Weight 0,700 kg

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