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We are direct importers and do not sell through any ” online stores” and that’s why our PRICES  are attractive. We use the same couriers as the other major online stores use but we ship the same day without delay. We believe that when you purchase a technical product and something goes wrong, you want to be able to get hold of someone ASAP and get assistance  – right? This is where we differ from other mainstream online shops where you will probably get messed around with an “agent” who doesn’t know anything about what you need help for and wait days for help and then still not get the correct information.

We can boast about having a 99% customer satisfaction rating and dont niggle about small things that hamper good relations. 

I have just received the switch I ordered and I thank you for helping me. It was very quick and I’ve never had such service before, especially as a first time order.

Thank you – B. MURRY

OVER 1000+ SOLD! - By far the most popular switch.
WAS R595 - NOW R380

Smart WiFi Geyser Switch
This product pays for itself in LESS than 2 months from the Savings you will earn.

6 FEATURES in one WiFi switch!
Timer, Full metering and Surge protection options all in one switch! Plus set your own amp Rating to suit your DB board requirements


Save money by not having too many switches that take up precious space in your DB board by having 1 Switch that controls:

  1. Surge protection- Under / Over Voltage and Current monitoring
  2. Monitoring your energy consumption
  3. Perform Timer functions
  4. A Circuit Breaker where you choose the breaker rating from 1-63Amp
  5. Volt Meter
  6. Amp Meter
  7. Automatic Recloser Switch ( will shut off power when it detects trouble such as a short circuit)
  8. Leakage protector which is designed to protect circuits or motors in the case of an electrical overload and short circuit.
  9. A Pre Paid meter

All of the above can be controlled via your smart phone from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Leakage Protector | Circuit Breaker | Energy Meter | WiFi switch | Volt Meter | Amp Meter | Automatic Reclose switch | Timer | * Pre Paid Function as well
Use an Automatic Transfer Switch to save your inverter from fatigue and extend your battery life.
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
ATS MAX 2500W - 5000W

Why use an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) some people ask?
Here are a few good reasons and there are probably more:
1. It provides for a seamless transition of power loss from the grid to your standby power supply (invertor or generator.)
2. It does this automatically upon its own detection without you having to manually operate the switch.
3. It provides more life for your inverter batteries when the inverter is not working.
4. It extends the life of your inverter by preventing component fatigue.
5. Can offer protection from power surges as well as power dips which are more detrimental to appliances which use motors such as fridges, aircons or washing machines.

A true work horse that just does the job professionally

2/3/4 Pole - 2/3 Phase - 63A/100A/125A Automatic Transfer Switch

Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch with Silver Contacts for longer life and conductive performance for extremely fast cutover!

Cutover Speed is LESS than <8ms with NO Interruption. Supports 100A HIGH Power loads such inductive loads in factories

Manual / Auto Mode Control | A & B Power LED Indicator | Low Energy consumption | Easy Installation | Low Voltage detection | Protection for inductive loads | Under Power protection

The BEST Automatic Transfer switch on the market by far!

Have a custom dashboard for your home or business


You wont find better or faster service

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All our products are GENUINE and are supplied directly by the manufacturers. We back our products up by offering superior technical advice and help. If you are looking for other products that are not listed, let us know and we will get back to with pricing. We aim to beat anyone’s pricing. All requests must be made via email.  

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